I am Jill Peck, a Seattle-based photographer, and I am on a Mission!

Mission: To create amazing images that bring your story or idea to life.  I bet you have some really awesome ideas or have a story to tell. Images can inspire and evoke emotions and I get really excited when I can bring someone’s vision to life. So let’s get together and make some magic!

Process: I love a process! Besides actually using my camera, it is my favorite part of photography. The process always starts with communication, which lays the foundation of a project.   So call, message, or smoke signal me, and we will start by getting to know each other. We will talk about your idea and do a little brainstorming. Then together we will set a plan in motion to make your ideas come alive. It’s that Army training in me - everything in life is about team work.

About Jill Peck:

Over the past couple years, I have committed myself to exploring different aspects of photography by capturing life moments and providing dynamic images. I am currently looking for opportunities in the Fashion and Commercial Industry.

I live for exploring, as well as relaxing under a palm tree while watching the ocean. This means I have a passport and can travel to really awesome locations for projects!

If you were to ask my friends what makes me unique, they would say that I am a loyal friend, vivacious, and a straight shooter. I snort when I laugh and I make a solid cupcake.

I have two dogs that I love to snuggle, Francis who is a meatball and Arsenal who is a sausage. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see them often. They even have their own hashtag! #fluffyandtuffy.

Send me a message and lets get to know each other a little better.